Essential Things You Should Know About a Vascular Ultrasound

Has your doctor recommended that you get a vascular ultrasound done? Vascular ultrasounds are one of the non-invasive and useful procedures your physician may recommend when they need to examine your body's blood vessels, including arteries and veins. However, if it's your first time to undergo this ultrasound, you might be reluctant. Gathering as much information as you can on the procedure can help you make informed decisions. This post will share some key details to keep you in the know before getting the procedure done. [Read More]

Best Treatment Options for a Knee Fracture

The Australian appetite for sports, both for exercise and thrill-seeking, makes the occurrence of joint injuries relatively common in adults and adolescents. Between 2016 and 2017 alone, over 60,000 sports injuries led to hospitalisation. Of this number, a considerable portion experienced joint injuries like kneecap fractures, which can have life-long consequences depending on the type of fracture and the treatment received. But in some cases, swift treatment can almost reverse the effects of the injury. [Read More]

Key Bulk Billing Questions to Ask Before Signing up to a New Clinic

If you need to find a new GP and you want to bulk bill, then you shouldn't just sign up with the first clinic you find that offers this payment method. You'll get better use of the service if you find a clinic that works for your health needs as comprehensively as possible. Asking the following questions helps you shortlist suitable doctors. Are You Eligible for Bulk Billing? A GP can advertise that they bulk bill; however, this doesn't mean that they offer the service to all their patients. [Read More]

Benefits of Choosing Sports Physio for Body Wellness

Sports physio is a health care feature that deals with preventing and rehabilitating individuals who have been injured while participating in sports activities. It is a form of physiotherapy dedicated to helping athletes maintain optimum fitness and functionality. Sports physio involves a wide range of techniques, including sports stretching, massage, acupuncture and electrotherapy. This form of therapy comes with various benefits that include the following: Injury Prevention Physiotherapy facilities offer customised workout regimes to different athletes depending on their needs. [Read More]