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Can Shockwave Therapy Cure Knee Pain?

Knee pain can affect almost anyone, from runners training for marathons to people who spend time on their feet at work. Finding relief can be difficult. Thankfully, a new knee pain treatment known as shockwave therapy is providing relief for many people.

Introduction to Shockwave Therapy

The waves used in shockwave therapy are pressure waves similar to those that produce sound. The therapy involves using a probe on the surface of the skin to send pressure waves into the injured knee. The stimulation provided by the waves encourages healing of injured tendons, which leads to a reduction in knee pain for many people.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

The stimulation provided by shockwaves promotes blood flow into the damaged tissue around the knee, delivering more oxygen and therefore making it easier for the knee to heal. The waves also help to break up scar tissue, therefore facilitating the healing of chronic knee injuries in some people.

How Well Does Shockwave-Based Knee Pain Treatment Work?

Studies show that shockwave therapy can be more effective than other types of knee pain treatment. A trial involving people suffering from chronic patellar tendinopathy, a common type of knee injury, had better results using shockwave therapy than with anti-inflammatory medications, physiotherapy, or using a knee strap.

How Rapid Is the Relief From Knee Pain?

The number of sessions required for shockwave treatment to bring relief from knee pain varies from person to person. Some people see a big improvement after just a single session. Others need to continue having several sessions for several weeks until they see any improvement at all. Podiatrists generally recommend several sessions of shockwave therapy to help the knee heal.

Can Shockwave Therapy Be Used Alongside Other Treatments?

Many podiatrists take a holistic approach to treating knee pain. As well as using shockwave treatment to target the knee pain directly, they also give their patients exercises to do that can strengthen the muscles around the knee and reduce the risk of another injury occurring in the future. They may also look at your footwear and gait and prescribe orthotics to support your knee in your daily life.

Could You Benefit From Shockwave Knee Pain Treatment?

All knee injuries are different, so what works for one person might not be appropriate for another. The best way to find out if you could benefit from shockwave knee pain treatment is to see a podiatrist who can assess your injury and make recommendations for treatment.