Don't be Afraid of the Doctor

Why You Should Schedule an Appointment for Your COVID Vaccination

If you are hoping to get your COVID vaccination sometime soon, you should think about calling the doctor's office or other facility so that you can schedule an appointment. If you're wondering why you should schedule an appointment instead of just showing up, consider the reasons below.

Some Places Require It

First of all, even though there are some healthcare providers who offer walk-in appointments for anyone who wants to get a COVID vaccine, this is not the case for all facilities. Some require you to schedule an appointment in advance, and you'll want to do this before you show up so that you don't get turned away. Plus, you can make sure that the place where you're hoping to go for your COVID shot actually has shots on hand, since some facilities do run out of COVID shots from time to time due to high demand.

Avoid Long Waits

Even if you find a facility that will allow you to walk in for a COVID vaccination without calling in and scheduling an appointment first, you might still want to schedule an appointment if it's allowed. Otherwise, you could face unnecessary wait times that might impact you if you have other things on your schedule for the day. Plus, getting in and out to get your vaccine without waiting will probably be a lot more pleasant.

Avoid Being Exposed to Crowds

Not only do you have to worry about long wait times without an appointment, but you might have to worry about sitting in a packed waiting room with others who are waiting to get their shot. If you're worried about potentially being exposed to COVID -- particularly before you are vaccinated and have extra protection -- then you might be worried that you will get sick if you're around others. If you schedule an appointment, you hopefully will not have to worry about being exposed to more people than necessary, which can help you stay healthy and safe.

Find Out About Other Services Available

Lastly, if you call ahead to schedule an appointment for your COVID vaccination, you can find out about other services that might be available. You can ask about COVID testing, flu shots, and more. You might just find that you will want to make arrangements to be covered by these other services.

As you can see, there are a few reasons to schedule an appointment for your COVID vaccination instead of just showing up. Luckily, most healthcare facilities make it easy for you to schedule an appointment over the phone, or they might even allow online appointment scheduling, depending on the facility. Check their website or give them a call for more information on scheduling COVID vaccination appointments.