Don't be Afraid of the Doctor

Why You Should Start a Book-Online Doctor Service for Your Clinic

If you just started a clinic, you probably have the basics accomplished, but you may not know the advantage of having a book-online doctor service in place. Below you will learn of these advantages, which can benefit both you and your patients.

Saving Time

One thing that all patients dislike is having to wait in a queue to see the doctor. Some patients take too long with the doctor, while others take just a few minutes. At times, a patient may end up not seeing the doctor and end up rescheduling or leaving angrily. When that happens, not only do you not get to treat a patient, but you might also lose a client. A book-online doctor service will help in such a case. Let patients have a portal where they can log in, find a form and book a specific time to visit the clinic. This will eliminate waiting time in queues and can help to give you happy patients. You may also find your clinic running more smoothly.

Scheduling Based on Patients' Needs

Different patients have different needs when they visit your clinic. Some may be visiting for the first time and may, therefore, require a lot of time, and others have been to the clinic and may just want a quick check-up. Those who just need a recheck may not need to spend much time in the clinic. The book-online doctor service should help with this.

The patient needs to have a section to describe how she or he is feeling so that when the doctor reads this section he or she can know whether to see the patient for further tests, which can take some time, or to just see the patient physically for a short while. This helps with organising the time schedule. The doctor will be able to have an idea of how much time to allocate to each patient.

How Do You Implement a Book-Online Doctor Service?

When you are first implementing this service, there might be some problems because of walk-in patients. You don't want timings to coincide, where a patient booked an appointment online and there was a walk-in patient at the same time. This may happen initially, but there are ways to minimise it. Make sure you text all your current patients informing them of the book-online service. At the clinic, outside and inside, and in the waiting room, have a sign or ad indicating the online service. Also, on your website, advertise the service.

This will help reach almost all your patients and in a week or two, you should have eliminated or at least reduced significantly the chances of coinciding walk-in and book-online patients.

Contact a company that offer book-online doctor services to learn more.