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How to get used to your new hearing aids

Hearing aids are excellent tools to increase your hearing and can make you forget about your hearing impairment completely. However, that level of comfort doesn't come straight away. Hearing aids are tools, not parts of your body. That's why you'll have to go through a short adjustment period before your hearing aids can start to feel perfectly comfortable. In order to speed that process up there are a few things you should know about getting adjusted to your hearing aids.

Few hours a day

When you first get your new hearing aid, you should start off by only wearing it a few hours a day. Beginning with using them all day can make your ears feel physically uncomfortable until the skin has gotten used to the devices. The process of starting to detect sounds will also go faster if you start off with adjusting to more quiet environments. Use your hearing aids while you're at home at first, as this is an environment you probably feel comfortable in and where there aren't too many sounds that can confuse or annoy you. The very first day you're using them, you should also see to that you're sitting in a very quiet room. Also faint sounds, like traffic driving by on the outside of your house, might seem a bit overwhelming, as you aren't used to hearing them.


It can seem tempting to raise the volume on your hearing aids quite a lot as you're starting to get used to them. However, try to keep yourself from playing with the volume until you've gotten used to your hearing aids. Having your hearing aids on full volume all the time might make it easier to catch faint sounds, but having the sounds coming from nearby on such high volume might actually damage your hearing even more. If you feel like you can't hear loud sounds properly, you should still wait a few days before raising the volume. It might just be your ears that haven't gotten used to hearing those noises, rather than the volume on your hearing aid being too low.

Group conversations

As you start getting used to your new hearing aid, the next step is to use them during a conversation with more than one person. Group talks are usually the most difficult to hear for many people, and it's somewhat of an ultimate test for your hearing aid. Start off with having a talk to close friends and family. You'll be more likely to recognise and be able to separate the voices of people you know well.