Don't be Afraid of the Doctor

Accessories That Will Alleviate Pain at a Standing Desk

Right now, the standing desk is a major office and home office trend. People are realising that their posture is suffering at their seated desk, that they feel fatigued, and that they have increased back and neck pain, and so they are trading in their old desks for standing options.

It needs to be said, however, that a standing desk can only alleviate these problems if you use it correctly. There are some accessories that can help you to use a standing desk in the best way. Here are a few options.

Supportive sports shoes. Where you are on your feet all day, it's really important that you don't wear your regular work shoes. These simply don't give you the support you need for standing all day long in the office. Your feet can hurt, and your posture can slump as a result. Only wear these shoes if you have an important meeting. Otherwise, trade them in for a pair of comfortable and supportive sports trainers.

Foam rollers. You can also provide your body with additional support by layering a soft surface underneath your feet. Say, for example that your office has a hard tiled floor. Standing on this kind of hard material all day long is going to be uncomfortable, and soon enough, it will have an effect on your body. But you can purchase a foam roller, or even something like a yoga mat, to place underneath your feet so that your feet are cushioned, your body feels more supported, and you can maintain an upright posture.

Foot stool. You have probably never paid much attention to the way you stand, but people often change positions when standing so that the body's weight can be carried evenly. Changing standing positions at a standing desk is slightly more difficult because you have to look at your screen at all times. Position a small foot stall in front of you, however, and you can shift your weight and give a well deserved rest to the parts of your body that need it.

When making any dramatic change to your posture, as with a standing chair, be sure to consult with a chiropractor and book regular sessions with them to ensure that your standing desk is working for you. They will also be able to give you postural tips for standing up and working at a standing desk for long period of time. 

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